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Gift Certificates!

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Looking for a last-minute gift? Why not get your loved ones a nice relaxing massage? There are gift certificates available for all services.
And buying a package is a great way to save on massage! Just choose your favorite treatment, and buy 6 or 10 sessions in advance. You will get Gift Certificates that you can give away or use yourself.


10 Pack:
Pay for 8 sessions, get 2 free. (For example, that is $560 for 10 one-hour sessions, and $720 for 10 ninety-minute sessions).
6 Pack: Pay for 5 sessions, get 1 free. (i.e.$350 for 6 one-hour sessions, and $450 for 10 ninety-minute sessions).

If you'd like to purchase a package by using your credit card, you can send your payment via PayPal to lotushands@gmail.com. There soon will be a link on my website that will allow you to order directly from there.
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